Opposites Attract in 1984 by George Orwell

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Ever hear of the saying opposites attract? Well in the novel 1984 it seems like opposites really do attract. Winston and Julia have almost nothing in common except for their hatred for the Party. There are many differences between Julia and Winston such as their view of the Party, the way they resist and rebel, and their characteristics. The first of many things that Julia and Winston don’t have in common are their characteristics. Both Winston and Julia have a contradicting physical appearance and personality. Winston is a small, frail figure with very fair hair. His face is naturally optimistic looking and his skin is rough by the continuous use of coarse soap, blunt razor blades, and the cold of winter. Winston is thirty-nine years old and has bad health. He coughs violently in the morning and suffers itching and inflammation from a varicose ulcer above his right ankle. The symptoms of the ulcer grow worse the more he retains from sexual activity and starts to alleviate once he starts the affair with Julia. Winston is very thoughtful and observant and is very concerned with the Party’s philosophy and how they control the history. Winston also has a unique sense of fatalism and is extremely paranoid. On the other hand, Julia has very dissimilar characteristics than Winston. Julia is dark-haired and twenty-six years old. She plays the act of a zealous Party member by wearing an Anti-Sex sash and passionately participating during the Two Minutes Hate. The real Julia is
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