Essay on Opposites Attract in Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises

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Opposites Attract in Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises
A Proverb once stated, “Opposites attract.” Scientist, chemist, doctors, and even matchmakers around the world know this statement to be true. However in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, the relationship between Lady Brett Ashley and Robert Cohn proves this statement wrong. Throughout the novel, Lady Brett has many types of relationships with a variety of people, most of whom are men. Some of these men include Jake Barnes, the narrator of the story, Mike Campbell, her supposed husband, and Pedro Romero. Lady Brett’s laid back, independent, and rather promiscuous life style creates many
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Even though Bill has not known Cohn for long, he already does not like him. Bill’s first impression of Cohn is a bad one, whereas Bill’s first impression of Brett is very good. After Jake introduces Brett to Bill he thinks, “‘Quite a girl. She’s damned nice’” (Hemingway 81). Everyone, including Bill, like Brett and enjoy her personality and her company, whereas Cohn is the complete opposite. Cohn always seems to tag along with Brett, Jake, and Mike and never joins in on the conversations. Brett is always the life of the party, whereas Cohn usually keeps to himself. One night while they are in Pamplona, Spain for the week of fiestas and bull fights, they all go out drinking and Mike Campbell, who also does not like Cohn, badly embarrasses Cohn in front of the whole group. Mike begins yelling, “‘Do you think you amount to something, Cohn? Do you think you belong here among us? People who are out to have a good time? Do you think Brett wants you here? Do you think you add to the party? Why don’t you say something?’” (Hemingway 181). Even though the others do not like Cohn, they never honestly tell him to his face. However Mike is not afraid to speak the truth to Cohn. Not only do Cohn and Brett have different levels of popularity, but also different levels of maturity.
Throughout the book, Cohn’s age difference separates him from all of the others. Cohn often is very
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