Opposition Death Penalty

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The intent of this paper is to share the views of those who oppose capital punishment. I, for one, am part of the majority that is in support of the death penalty. I am in agreeance of the old saying of “An eye for an eye”. The death penalty is one of the most controversial issues in our criminal justice system. There is an increase in opposition against the death penalty, not only in the United States. Many Americans feel that capital punishment is wrong. It is hard for people to fathom the idea of putting someone else to death. It is not the physical mechanics involved in executions that are hard to handle. It is the emotions involved in carrying out the process. Many feel that the death penalty violates the eight Amendment of a…show more content…
The people that are mainly given a conviction of death are those of minority and the poor. Oppositionist feel that if a white or rich person committed the same crime would be sent away with a lesser punishment or a slap on the wrist. Economic and racial bias is an argument that is made across the board in our justice system. This is an argument that has caught the eye of many Civil Rights unions. It has been said that with the use of capital punishment, violent crimes will be reduced. This is the third argument. However, the opposition does not agree. There is no prove that the rates of violent crimes have been reduced. The opposition argues that capital punishment does not act as a deterrent for these crimes. They also argue that it is irreversible. The fourth and final argument involves the amount of time that a prisoner spends on death row. Prisoners tend to spend a lot of time on death row prior to executing day because retrials, technicalities, appeals, or other delays. Due to those reasons the opposition argues that having a person wait for years for execution is both costly and cruel. They feel that if a prisoner is going to wait that long then he or she should be convicted of life imprisonment without the option of being
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