Opposition to the Sixteenth and Seventeeth Century English Family of Love

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Opposition to the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century English Family of Love: Not so Lovely Intro A Dutch man, Hendrik Niclaes, has been credited with the foundation of the Family of Love. It is difficult to find details of Niclaes life, such as specific dates and location of pivotal events. Yet it is thought that Niclaes is born around 1502. Though the exact date and location is unknown it is known that Niclaes preoccupation with religion began with the parents he was born to. His parents were devout Christians and as he grew older Niclaes began to ask questions about his faith, which his father found difficult to answer. When Niclaes was approximately eight years of age he and his father engaged in a discussion about what the Passion of Jesus Christ really meant for Christians. For Niclaes, he could not under stand if Jesus had died to atone for the sins of humanity, why at that point was humanity not sinless. When his father was unable to answer his son’s questions with any degree of satisfaction they consulted a spiritual advisor, who was an Observant Franciscan friar. After the boy, Niclaes, and the friar had a talk the friar was reputedly moved by Niclaes. He was fascinated with the boys solemnity and, much like the boys father, was unsure of how to answer the questions Niclaes still posed. Due to this questioning Niclaes’ parents insisted that he not read at home, yet after much pleading they allowed Niclaes to keep his preferred book, which was about the

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