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Table of Contents Title: Page: Special Education in Ireland 1 What is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?(ODD) 3 What Causes ODD? 3 Symptoms of ODD 4 How Is ODD Diagnosed? 4 What is the Treatment for ODD? 5 Prognosis 5 Emotional and Practical Implications on the Family 5 Resources Available 6 Role of the Interdisciplinary Team 7 Elements of Good Practice 7 Conclusion and Personal Learnin 8 Bibliography 8 Appendices Special Education in Ireland Prior to the 1990’s Special Education was entirely in the hands of religious orders. In the mid 1980’s the worldwide push highlighting the need to integrate children with special…show more content…
Brian’s behaviour had nearly caused Suzi to seek out a 24 hour setting as his violence and destructive behaviour had forced her to call the police on him. He did not go out at all, he had absolutely no friends, his only love in life is computers and video games. People, especially me, tend to irritate him intensely. I was astonished when he destroyed the PC, but that just made it more obvious to me that he has no impulse control since he destroyed something that he loves. How Is ODD Diagnosed A child will be be observed over a period of time by a psychologist, who will have gathered all relevant information, from as many people as possible, to help determine the frequency, severity and effect it has on the child's functioning in everyday situations. There are no tests or scans that will contribute to the diagnosis of ODD. What is the Treatment for ODD? Treatment of ODD is decided by a number of different things, including the child’s age, the severity of the behaviors, and whether the child has a co-morbid mental health condition. The treatment of ODD often includes several types of psychotherapy and training for both the parent, and the child. Individual and Family Therapy, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Cognitive Problem Solving Training, Social Skills Training and Parent Training (See Appendix C) are often used to help treat children with ODD. In cases where co-morbid condition, such as ADHD exists, medication such as Rittalin may help improve

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