Oppression In America, And Dehumanization Of Native Americans

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History often repeats itself. Is this because Humans are creatures of habit or because of something else? Often times, the things people do, often repeat every year. Sometimes you may go to the movie theater on the same day for two, maybe three, years in a row, and sometimes more. This is also the case with all of our holidays as well; Christmas and Thanksgiving, as well as Independence Day, are all on the same day every year. This is all evident when discussing oppression in the United States against groups of people with certain beliefs and different cultures such as; the Native Americans, African American Slaves/Segregation, and LGBTQ rights supporters. Oppression against people and groups including; the Native Americans, African Americans, and LGBTQ supporters, has been justified in the United States through dehumanization and religion.
The Native Americans have been oppressed in many ways, such as; the Indian Removal act, the Trail of Tears, and having ideas such as "Kill the Indian, save the man." This oppression has often been justified through religion and dehumanization. In the engraving titled "Landing of the Pilgrims" by Enrico Causici, the European woman in the background is looking up to the sky with her hand up as if to ask for help. This demonstrates that the Europeans were afraid of the Native American in the engraving and that by trusting in God and using other religious beliefs, they can justify means for protecting themselves from the native. They viewed
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