Oppression Is The Root Of Many Conflicts Today 's Society

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Oppression is at the root of many conflicts in today’s society. I refer to such conflicts as racism, ageism, sexism, discrimination and so forth. It exists within anything that involves power. For example, oppression is greater towards the African American population, especially when it comes to the authority of law enforcement or even dating all the way back to slavery. Everyone has experienced oppression in their lives before whether they realized it or not. Oppression is what makes life hard, it kicks you when you’re down at your lowest point and continues to do so. An oppressed person can learn to fight oppression, if they only make themselves aware of it. Oppression Interview The person that I interviewed was my cousin who is a 24 year old, African American male who has been in and out of trouble with the system since he was a teenager. He has made some mistakes in his younger years when the charges finally caught up to him. He was incarcerated for 10 years and is currently a felon but has been out of prison for about three years now. He was arrested for armed robbery, breaking and entering, and larceny greater than $5,000 dollars. As soon as he got back home his main focus was getting a job to get back on his feet. During this interview, he stated that he was filling out applications and going to interviews but as soon as they saw that he is a felon they tell him they will call him but he never receives a call. He understands that being a felon everyone isn’t as open

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