Oppression Of Capitalism And Injustice

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Injustice is harm paired with preventing any chance of healing. It is rooted in our society because of the centralized power that corrupts and creates the false understanding that inferiority, competition, and therefore oppression is “natural – effecting all social, political, and economic aspects of life. Klein and McFague emphasize capitalism’s influential role in maintaining oppression through its restrictive definition of progress. It only produces fast short term success, rather than long term stability. Capitalism is overall contradictive because it calls for endless progress, while simultaneously preventing the existence of any continual source of resources. Society is not being held back by injustice, it is being killed. Society’s dependent relationship on the earth will never cease and therefore humanity’s detachment is destroying itself along with the earth.…show more content…
All structures of society are challenged by climate change because there is literally no existence without the earth. Both Klein and McFague have helped me understand that injustice calls for drastic change; a new definition of development. It’s not simply fixing the harm, but conceiving a new reality where the right to live for all living things is recognized and pursued. Klein calls for a change in everything, and injustice will still plague society unless all sources of oppression are rewritten. Justice is not the right to exist, but the right to survive and thrive. As Klein puts it, we need systems designed to “promote more life”
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