Oppression Of Women As A Minority

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It has always been interesting to me that females are considered a minority. Yet the population number is higher compared to males. This is the case in America and the world. However, we live in a patriarchy society where it is normal to have the female serving a subordinate role. The text p.317 describes the oppression of women as a "norm" in our society. The thought that women are oppressed is somewhat foreign to me because I would have to consider myself as oppressed. This is hard to do because sexism has become so embedded in our society that the idea of oppression is a norm.
As an African American woman, I feel the sting of both race and gender oppressions to the point where it affects my life on a daily basis. Similar to race, gender is socially constructed ideology fit with its own stereotypes and discriminatory acts. Stereotypes against gender are often attributed to personality traits like feminine and masculine characteristics. However, feminine traits are usually treated as the inferior of the two. The text p.318gives examples, "Men do not cry women should always look beautiful, women are natural caregivers men are tough". These examples highlight a few of the stereotypes that we overlook in our society.
Sexual Assault and Women
The nonchalant attitude towards sexism goes deeper than everyday microaggressions. Sexual assault against women has always been a temper provoking topic for me. When a sexual assault victim reports said crime the first comment people…
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