Oppression Within The Social Workers

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Social workers are often on the forefront in the fight against any form of oppression as against the marginalized society. These demanding but oftentimes unappreciated efforts are often addressed through the conscious use of skills and knowledge of the problems being solved against. When such oppression is however committed against them within the organization where they work, the social worker seems to be mum about the situation, or their efforts perhaps are rendered inutile. North America social workers experience this form of oppression within the social service institution. For this reason, I examine the arguments why the social workers need to be aware of the existence of this unique form of oppression. In order to eliminate oppression in the social welfare workplace, the social workers, in their pursuit of social change, must have a competent understanding of the theory around racism and oppression. Racism, as a social construct, historically and generally creates a generalization based on the culture, ethnicity, or any objective attributes of a person. Oppression, which is a modern category of racism, is the use of any form of power to dis-empower, marginalize, silence, or otherwise subordinate one social group, usually to further empower and/or privilege the oppressor. Although oppression can be defined as a concept, creating a clear definition of what constitutes anti-oppression becomes a challenge even though much as been discussed about it. Much of it has to do
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