Essay on Oppression in Like Water For Chocolate And Master Harold

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Like Water for Chocolate and Master Harold: Oppression In the two novels, Master Harold...and the boys and the boys, and Like Water for Chocolate, there are many symbolic similarities. In both books there are acts where individuals strongly oppressed, or discriminated against. Although the individuals are being oppressed for different reasons their emotions are shattered deeply. In Athol Fugard's book Master Harold and the boys, an older man is discriminated against by a younger child only because the older man is black and the child is white. In Laura Esquivel's book Like water for chocolate, a girl by the name of "Tita" is oppressed by her own mother because of the soul reason of being the youngest child, therefore…show more content…
Tita loves Pedro dearly and would love to marry him, but her mother refuses to grant her permission because she is the youngest daughter and her task in life being to take care of her mother till death. Sam is like a father figure to Hally but yet he doesn't respect him, because of the color of his skin. "Hally- Don't turn your back on me! I haven't finished talking (He grabs Sam by the arm and tries to make him turn around. Sam reacts with a flash of anger" (54). Hally does not respect Sam, he not only orders him around but becomes violent when Sam does not listen to him. He treats Sam like a dog. Mama Elena refuses to let her youngest daughter get married, to make the situation worse she Pedro and his dad show up at the ranch to ask permission from mama Elena to get married to Tita. Mama Elena refuses to approve on the marriage of her youngest daughter. "But if you really want Pedro to get married, allow me to suggest my daughter Rosaura, who's just two years older than Tits. She is one hundred percent available, and ready for marriage" (13). Not only does mama Elena disapprove the marriage of Pedro and Tita but she offers Rosaura, which is an older daughter. Hally is not grateful for what Sam has done for him in life. He understands that Sam cannot do anything to him, because he is white and Sam is black.

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