Oppression of Women in Pakistan

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Women Oppression in Pakistan The role of women with regards to cultural paradigm and their socio-economic status is in connection with their earning decision which in turn is in association with the contribution that they would be making in the household budget. This chapter talks completely about the women of Pakistan, which includes; the violence that take place against them, their aspiration for work, their educational background, their health conditions, empowerment, bonded labour and their reproductive conduct. In a typical Pakistani society, the discrimination with a female starts immediately after her birth and this continues till her death. In a traditional Pakistani society the role of women encompasses great suffering (Bahl and Syed, 2004). In Pakistan's patriarchal society, the norms of females and males are set up by the family. Husbands and the fathers are considered as guardians of women and hence the decision making power lies within their hands. Whatever property is owned by the family, the inheritance rights lie with the sons only. Male members are always considered central in ancestry, while women discrimination continues from the scratch only. In the process, under which a girl transforms in to a women and till her death, she is exploited to every extent; i.e. mentally as well as physically. From her birth only she is neglected by her family and she can stay at her father's place only till the time she is not married. Very rarely it happens that adult
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