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Communication at Pleasant View Lodge There are many different ways communication is handled in companies. The nature of my employment is that I am a qualified medication aide-short for a Q.M.A. A qualified medication aide (Q.M.A.) administers non-injectable medications, assist in care of residents, crush medication to be administered, apply topical treatments, and deliver medication in a timely manner. All patients are under the supervision of a registered nurse. A qualified medication aide is required to remain educated on medications, the drug class of medications, and to know the dangers of combining certain medications. They should remain CPR certified and know what to do upon an overdose. Every employer has a chain of…show more content…
I recently had an issue with another qualified medication aide that was documenting the wrong charts and I immediately reported it to my charge nurse so she could resolve the issue. The charge nurse would either solve the problem the majority of the time or she might refer it to her supervisor. The horizontal flow at PVL would be team member communication with one another about solving problems, coordinating tasks, and sharing existing or new information among one another. For example, one of the qualified medication aides would leave sticky notes in the residents chart for other qualified medication aides. She would write something like John Doe has three Keflex pills left over and his seven day antibiotic is over. Basically communicating to myself and a few others stating that one of us missed a pill. This is one of the ways we QMA's communicate horizontally. Another way our employees communicate in the same department would be by giving shift reports before clocking out and going home. It is a policy that workers relieving another co-worker should give a report before leaving the facility. The informal channels of communication show that our facility has much of this type of communication. All staff at the facility have social relationships with other people at the facility. Most of the gossip at PVL take place in the break room, in the dining room as they're serving meals to residents,
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