Oprah Had No Eyes to See Her Make a Monstrosity

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Oprah Had No Eyes to See Her Make a Monstrosity Oprah’s movie did Zora Neale Hurston’s novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, an injustice when Oprah changed the entire purpose of the book. The changes made to characters, relationships, and the effects of symbolism makes the story unrecognizable. Their Eyes Were Watching God transforms into a love story and the title changes which alters the entire plot, even some settings change. Oprah truly slaughtered a work of art and her ignorance of the meaning of Their Eyes Were Watching God shows in the movie.
The changes made to the main character, Janie, in Their Eyes Were Watching God destroys the story’s plot. Janie’s character changes significantly by the strength Oprah gives her that she never
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“‘Yeah, Janie, youse got yo’ womanhood on yuh. So Ah mout ez well tell yuh whut Ah been savin’ up for uh spell. Ah wants to see you married right away’” (Hurston 15). Nanny’s fear of Janie turning out like her mother compels her to make Janie get married because of a simple kiss. Janie has boldness but her boldness exceeds the point of disrespect. In the movie when Janie first returns home Pearl Stone greets her and Janie tells her to go to hell. Janie would have never shown rudeness to this extent in the book because Hurston made her a softer person. “When she got to where they were she turned her face on the bander log and spoke” (Hurston 2). Even though the women on the porch gossiped about her and she knew it, Janie still spoke because Zora Neale Hurston made her polite. The behavior that Janie exhibits in Oprah’s movie had no credibility and would not have subsisted in the 1930s.
Oprah’s film takes the only pure relationship in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God and makes it impure. In Hurston’s novel, Janie’s only true friend, Pheoby, defends her against the porch sitters because the women talk down about Janie. “‘Anyhow, what you ever know her to do so bad as y’all make out?...Y’all makes me tired. De way you talkin’ you’d think de folks in dis town didn’t do nothin’ in de bed ‘cept praise de lawd…’” (Hurston 4). The way Pheoby defends Janie shows the purity of their friendship

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