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Every now and then in history, we find a life story that is truly remarkable. Oprah Winfrey ventured forth from the agonizing childhood, that was her world of common day, to a region of supernatural wonder. Oprah’s road to success was not an easy task. From her early childhood, Oprah challenged many fabulous forces that she encountered. Oprah Winfrey tells the life story one of America's richest and most successful show business personalities. “The fact that Oprah Winfrey is also black and a woman makes her rags to riches story an even more remarkable version of the ’American Dream’” (About). Without a doubt Oprah Winfrey endured her share of rites of passage. ...[R]ites of passage are not confined to culturally …show more content…
She was under her grandmother’s care for the first six years of her life. Oprah had transitioned well under the care of her grandmother. “Oprah was a bright child and read and write when she was three” (Leaney). Unfortunately for Oprah at the age of seven, Vernita decided to make a change in her life. This change meant relocating to Baltimore, and taking Oprah out of the only true home she had known. Again Oprah endured separation, but this time her transition was not smooth. Once there, an older cousin sexually molested Oprah, and then she suffered repeated molestation by others throughout her youth. Oprah then turned to a life on the streets. She was pregnant by the age of fourteen; she miscarried and was left feeling distraught. At the age of fifteen, Vernita sent

Oprah to Nashville, Tennessee to live with her father. It was here that the life of Oprah took a major turn. Vernon put rules into place, something that Oprah had not seen since living with Vernita. Vernon encouraged Oprah to focus on life and to begin to concentrate on her education. Vernon required Oprah to weekly read a book, and then to write a book report, which rekindled her lost love for reading. In a interview with the Academy of Achievement Oprah recalled that her father was a “[v]ery strict father, but I love him for it

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