Oprah Winfrey Hero Essay

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What would the world be like if there were no Oprah? Oprah is a talk show host who has many loving fans that love her for her support and her infatuated heart. Oprah supports her fans for a number of reason, she is always there for them. Oprah Winfrey stands as a hero because she gives helpful advice, she helps and teaches people that they will learn from their mistakes, and helps here people through rough patches explaining what she has been through in life. Oprah Winfrey is a hero because she tells and teaches people that they can learn from their mistakes. She gets this message through by talking on her talk show and discussing it and telling her own audience the mistakes she has learned from and how they made her a better person. By Oprah doing this she makes people feel better about their mistakes and it also helps people willing to move on and not dwell on the past as much as they should look forward to the future. Another reason that Oprah is a hero for this reason is…show more content…
For example she tells people there will always be good but then again there will always be bad, she just words it differently in her own way. Although the bad is well bad the good will always overweight it no matter what. Another piece of advice that Oprah gave that was saved to the books was that she told and taught people to move on. The way that Oprah helped people cope with rough times was the advice she gave, she would say that there was always better relations to come after break ups, divorces, misconceptions, the loss of a loved one, all these are topics which Oprah discusses on her worldwide national T.V. show. A final reason as to why Oprah gives helpful advice is cause she compares it to herself to make and show light on the fans situation. One way Oprah may compare her life to a fans life is hearing their story and making some attachments to her own life and her own
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