Essay about Ops 571 Week 2 Pizza Store Layout

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Pizza Store Layout
Mario’s Pizzeria Mario’s Pizzeria, a family-owned establishment is known for authentic taste, fresh ingredients, brick oven baked pizza, is an example of common modern phenomena. The pizzeria has been in business since 1950 and brings with it a reputation in its home in Palm Springs, California, for its quality and uniqueness. Mario wishes to pass the business down through his family, however a new set of streamlined processes are required to remain competitive while still providing that family owned ambience that is one of their hallmarks. Customers are dissatisfied with the wait time and it necessary to evaluate the customer population, customer que wait times, the servicing system, and develop a priority rule for
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Mario’s Pizzeria was required to make several business decisions in the simulation in order for the business to maintain success and be more profitable. Using the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) model to examine the process, metrics, current state and desire state available to the restaurant, allows Mario’s to transition into the 21st century business model needed to be competitive.
The table shows the before and after processes comparison. Before After
Wait Time 10.84 minutes 5.51 minutes
Seating Accommodations 14 tables of four 10 tables of four
8 tables of two
Loss of Sales $1,140 $480
Cream Puffs Kitchen and tables Increased space for tables

In this case, performance measurement is an important element. Performance metrics should be constructed to encourage performance improvement, effectiveness, efficiency, and appropriate levels of internal controls. They should also incorporate cost/risk/benefit analysis, where appropriate. The SMART concept is frequently used to provide a quick reference to determine the quality of a particular performance metric:
• S = specific: clear and focused to avoid misinterpretation. Should include measure assumptions and

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