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Introduction and OCB Analysis The cost of entry into the private medical practice space is usually too high due to the huge costs to attain required quality of education and the initial costs to set up a medical practice. The Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston (OCB) addresses this issue by providing general administrative and clinical functions for its independent member practices. Asides minimizing cost of operations by sharing common resources, this strategy allows physicians to focus on their strengths and achieve more results in the time they have to work. According to Amar Bhide (Bhide, 1994), The nature of the business is a hustle business and its successes are hinged on the reputation of the medical practices and their ability to…show more content…
Furthermore, in his practice, all the abilities of the team members are taken into consideration to develop a robust practice. These factors (innovation, focus, teamwork and efficient processes) are the major qualities that differentiate Dr. Shingleton from his colleagues. Organization Development of the Business using Greiner’s 5 Phases OCB is structured in a decentralized manner in which the individual practices act like smaller organizations within the larger organization. When the entire organization is evaluated using the Larry Greiner article HBR article as a framework, OCB can be described as an organization in the third phase of the Greiner model (Greiner, 1998). OCB has solved the autonomy challenge by allowing independent practices. However, while the organization is in the third phase of growth, the individual practices are in different phases of growth. On one hand, Dr Shingleton’s practice has grown to the second phase because he provided leadership by creating an efficient process and making strategic decisions to advance the growth of the practice. On the other hand, other practices haven’t solved the leadership crisis are still in phase one of the Greiner model. Although the Greiner model is quite useful for analyzing organizational growth, it doesn’t consider organizations whose parts seem to be in different phases

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