Optimal Transmission Expansion Planning Using Biogeography Based Optimization Essay

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Optimal Transmission Expansion Planning Using Biogeography-Based Optimization (BBO)


Transmission expansion planning (TEP) is now a significant power system optimization problem. The TEP problem is a large-scale, complex and nonlinear combinatorial problem of mixed integer nature where the number of candidate solutions to be evaluated increases exponentially with system size. The objective of the TEP is to determine the installation plans of new facilities, lines and other network equipments. The main goal of this paper centers on the application of Biogeography -Based Optimization (BBO) for the transmission planning systems and it is one of mathematical methods (algorithms) to get the optimal planning.

An accurate cost function for the transmission system is formulated where both fixed and variable costs for all planned facilities are includes, in addition to the cost energy losses. The cost function is then minimized, using (BBO) algorithms. We can be used to derive algorithms for optimization. We apply the BBO on the model of IEEE of 6-bus test system.

Keywords: Biogeography -Based Optimization; Transmission planning

1. Introduction

Transmission system is the bulk transfer of electrical energy, from generating power plants to electrical substations located near demand centers. The main objective of the transmission expansion planning (TEP) problem is to determine the optimal expansion plan of the electrical system. According to the treatment of the study

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