Optimistic Hero

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Mary, is a women who has been through some joyous times and some rather traumatic events in her life. Similar to many individuals there are things that happened her in life that she did not except to, both good and bad. How does this induvial wish to be portrayed is something that will be looked at along with the question of is this individual pessimistic or optimistic. In the end the way that this individual perceives her life will affect whether she will strive to thrive in the situations that she encounters. The Holy Spirit said it best through Paul when He said, “And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope” (Romans 5:3, 4 New King…show more content…
She still is fighting to survive this disease which has overtaken her body. Mary is optimistic about her future, even though she is battling a disease that can easily win. She aspires to be able to function better with her condition, so that she will be able to return home where her partner awaits her. Mary is a women who is an overcomer, optimist, and a warrior. Looking at my own life, I am thankful to have gone through some of the situations that I have gone through. I see the effect that those situations has made on my character. Some of those characteristic are better than others, but still I am thankful. One memory that was brought to my remembrance was that even though I have been through situations that were unpleasant, God was there. What I have learned that I seek to take away from Mary’s story is that, God is always present, not matter what is going on his grace is sufficient from me. Every individual has experience some type of hardship, how that individual copes with the circumstances shapes the person who they will become. Although, Mary has endured hardships, she has conquered them. Moreover, she remains optimistic about the future and hope for the best for her life. Her story reminds me to never stop hoping and as I place that hope in Jesus, I shall overcome all
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