Optimistic and Pessimistic

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“Optimistic and Pessimistic” Comparison and Contrast Do you know how can being optimistic or pessimistic can affect your life? When people are being optimistic, it means that they are looking toward the bright side of the world, seeing thing in positive ways. On the other side, a pessimistic person is a person who habitually sees or anticipates the worst or is disposed to be gloomy (optimist, n.d.). Being optimistic or pessimistic can affect us more than we think. It can affect our life in relationship, our health and our work. Being optimistic or pessimistic can affect person’s relationship. When optimists are facing an extremely serious problem, they will not really be in a deep depression for so long. Being optimistic makes people…show more content…
On the other hand, being pessimistic is a person who crosses the bridges before they come to it. Even though the situation is not really serious, this kind of person sees them as a big problem. That makes them easily fall into stress and depression. This might make some people express themselves in a gloomy or even in an aggressive way and usually no one wants to be close with a gloomy or bad-tempered person. Imagine if you walk into a room where everyone is in depression, how you can be happy when you can sense all the tension around the air! Being optimistic or pessimistic can affect one’s health. Optimistic person who usually have more positive emotion or have good emotional heath is physically healthier and recovering from disease faster than in a pessimistic person who has more negative emotion. Dr. Bernie Siegel, Clinical Professor of Surgery, has collected 57 documented so-called cancer miracles. A cancer miracle is when a person who did not die when they absolutely and positively supposed to die. These 57 people are people who decided to totally let go their anger, depression and all negative emotion since they do not have much time left. At the point when these people totally gave up all their anger and depression, and start to love and care for others, the tumors started to shrink. This pattern happened to all these 57 people (Siegel, n.d.). Another very common example is a heartbroken person. Their negative emotions sometime even make

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