Optimization Of Dynamic Load : Cloud Computing

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Optimization of Dynamic Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

B.Preethi1, Prof. C. Kamalanathan2,Dr,S.M Ramesh3
1PG Scholar, 2Professor,3Associate Professor
1,2,3Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
Sathyamangalam, Pin no.638401
1bpreethiece@gmail.com, 2kamalanadhan@gmail.com

Abstract: Load balancing is essential for optimization of resources in distributed environments. The major goal of the cloud computing service providers is to use cloud computing resources efficiently to enhance the overall performance. Load balancing in cloud computing environment is a methodology to distribute workload across multiple computers to achieve optimal resource utilization with minimum response time. The proposed system pave the way for the green computing by dynamically allocating the virtual machine based on the load its processing for the optimization of number of servers in use. To balance the load of entire data center, we need to transfer the virtual machines of the overloaded host to the light weighted host using migration techniques .The performance of the algorithm is analyzed using Cloudsim simulator .The simulation result ensures that all the processors in the system as well as in the network does approximately equal amount of work at any instant of time by comparing with other algorithms by its spoofing abilities.

Keywords: Virtual Machine,Cloud sim, load balancing.

1. INTRODUCTION Cloud computing is a comprehensive solution that delivers IT as a service. It is an…
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