Optimization Of Energy Consumption By The Work Above

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I. Optimization of energy consumption By the work above, we found out two of the main factors that influence the power consumption. Then we will go further to explore the method to save energy of the phone. We did a survey on a number of papers and found several methods to achieve this goal. In Periodic Transfers in Mobile Applications: Network-wide Origin, Impact, and Optimization (2012) [A], the authors performed an investigation of periodic transfers which is an application traffic pattern. During this period, a mobile device receives message from and send data to a remote server periodically [A]. By optimizing this part, the energy consumption could be reduced significantly. The authors mentioned four techniques to optimize periodic transfers mechanism. And I listed all of them below.  Piggybacking: When the system deal with target transfers, the target transfer can be covered by those non-target transfers, because it may be transmitted earlier or delayed till later. By applying this technique the tail time of schedule will be reduced.  Batching: We can also bond several periodic transfers together in a single burst to achieve the tail time reduction  Fast dormancy: When the system schedule the timers, we can send a special RRC control message to the radio access network to request for an immediate state demotion to IDLE. Thus the system do not need to waste time and power to wait for inactivity timers to expire. But it will lead to increasing of signaling
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