Optimization Of Software Based Systems Agile Modeling

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For the effective product based methodology and for the documentation of software based systems Agile modeling is the best practice. Whereas agile modelling is collection of the values and the practices of the software modelling which can he applied in a software development project in a most effective manner. I would like take this paper as medium and discuss the goals and the scope for the Agile modeling. The main concentrations is about the two approaches of software development i.e Agile Model driven development (AMDD) and the Test-Driven Development (TDD). And also the steps of the software development topics are discussed.

The following Keywords used in the paper.
• Agile Modeling,
• Agile Model-Driven Development,
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For the successful development of agile modeling stake holder’s participation plays an important role because they know what they want and give you a good feedback.

Agile modeling helps in extending the values of extreme programming. The agile modeling values includes are as follows.

• communication,
• simplicity,
• feedback,
• courage and humility

The success of the agile modeling lies between the better communication between the customers and the software developers. This better communication leads for the good understanding in the modeling phase about the requirements of the customers. So, this will helps to meet the needs of the stakeholders. And having the feedback on the work is very important. And also humility by letting others also to add the value to the project efforts.


• Modeling should be simple.
• Should be quick in changes because requirements of the customers will change over time.
• Changes should be made for enable agility.
• As mention above feedback should be taken on the work to meet the needs of the stakeholders.
• Start the model with a purpose and take and refer multiple models for the effective development.
• Representation is very important than content.
• Modeler should have knowledge about the tools.
• Focus is need for the better quality of work.

• Several Models should be created parallel.
• Right artifacts.
• Small increments should be used in a model.

Goals of Agile Modeling:
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