Optimize Ionic App Performance Project

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Optimize Ionic App Performance Optimize Ionic App Performance Developers in all industries are rapidly discovering the benefits of using Ionic 's front-end framework for developing hybrid mobile apps, but for eCommerce companies, speeding app development becomes mission-critical for building loyalty, differentiating websites and staying competitive. The Ionic platform, which uses Angular JS to build frameworks that host robust functions, makes it easy to utilize libraries of code-sharing resources and build high-performance cross-platform applications. Some developers, however, worry about using open source materials for proprietary commercial apps -- especially those frameworks that use browsers to run cross-platform apps -- because of time lags, stutters, slower scrolling and other performance issues. Ionic provides essential tools, services, preprocessors for sharing code and other options for optimizing performance, and the advantages of getting new apps into the stores faster outweighs most remaining performance shortcomings. Creative coding strategies, open source fixes and sharing insights in the greater IT community make it possible to build high-performance apps using Web technologies like CSS, HTML5, JS and Sass. Essentially using native wrapping and functionality for browser-powered applications, Ionic and Cordova accelerates development. It 's just up to each developer to choose the wrapping components, compression strategy, preprocessing tools and other

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