Optimized Time Quantum For Dynamic Round Robin Algorithm

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RESEARCH PAPER OPTIMIZED TIME QUANTUM FOR DYNAMIC ROUND ROBIN ALGORITHM Akash Kumar,Avinash Chandra & Sumit Mohan Department of computer science & Engineering Galgotias College of Engg. & Tech. Greater Noida ,up, India Email id –avi.chandra423@gmail.com Abstract- Round robin is one of the most optimal cpu scheduling algorithm because it is given an equal amount of static time quantum.But what will be the time quantum is the biggest task. So we have proposed an improved version of round robin algorithm which will use optimal time quantum and time quantum is computed with RMS valuesof burst time. After a result our analysis shows that “Optimized time quantum for dynamic round robin algorithm”works better than Round Robin algorithm in terms of reducing the number of context switching(CS),turn around time (TAT),waiting time(WT). Keywords: Operating System, Scheduling Algorithm, Round Robin, Context switch, Waiting time, Turnaround time. INTRODUCTION A process is an object of a computer program that is being executed. It includes the current values of the program counter(PC), registers, and variables. The subtle difference between a process and a program is that the program is a bunch of instructions whereas the process is the activity or action. The processes waiting to be assigned to a processor are put in a queue called ready queue(RQ). The time for which a process holds the CPU is known as burst time Or service time.

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