Optional Education.In Some Schools, You Can Show Up And

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Optional Education In some schools, you can show up and earn $25! People have mixed feelings about this. Many people support it but many also are against it. Incentives are the way to go because it serves the purpose of getting them to school without punishments. Others say you can give students incentives to get them in class but it may not make them want to learn. Cities/states are now offering rewards for students to attend classes because they want to keep kids off the street, want to lower the percentage of students not attending school, and just have students in school, learning. Schools want to improve the percentage of students attending school. Like the Stone Creek principal, Mike Culberson, said his 15% of his students were…show more content…
It gave welfare benefits to families if the student didn’t go above the limit of unexceed absences allowed by the school. It first started off as helping out families. Like in Chicago the school years of 2005-06 partnered up with a local radio station to give one family $1000 for rent or mortgage payments. But then prices became more elaborate and targeted for students. For example, in 2004 Lowell High School offered seniors a $1,200 laptop to get these laptops they had to keep perfect attendance and would have to be accepted into a college or the military. (Pam Belluck,2006) But where are this school with incentives? Most of the schools that offer incentives are located in the eastern states, such as Massachusetts, Illinois, Kentucky. At schools such as Chicago public schools, Oldham County High school in Kentucky, and Chelsea High school in Massachusetts. Chelsea high is the main school talked about in the articles. But “Chelsea High is not the only school trying to improve attendance with incentives for students.” (Pam Belluck, 2006) Schools in Temecula, Calif., are offering rewards big as a trip to Disneyland. How can students get this incentives? Delgado 4 Incentives are given out if you meet school requirements, but they are given out by raffles. Chicago public schools require you to not be absent for three months. Another high school in Lowell were giving out laptops to graduating seniors if they only missed no more than seven days of school

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