Optomatologist Personal Statement

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During my high school career, I became fascinated with the workings and functions of our eyes while attending an internship at an ophthalmologist's office. Through my time there I was fortunate to be able to shadow and assist both the ophthalmologists and optometrists. While taking corneal topographies of patients' eyes before they were examined, my interest continued to grow and that interest blossomed into a desire to pursue this as a career when I had the opportunity to witness my first eye surgery. Though the pterygiectomy was a simple procedure, I was inspired by the fact that it could allow the patient to see better, changing their life.

Predictably, this interest led me to work at an optometrist's office, and during the years I have
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Seeing them get tested, try their first lenses, and helping them learn to properly care for both the lenses and their eyes at a young age is inspiring, and knowing that I am making a difference in these children's lives by the simple act of helping them see better continues to motivate me. This is especially true when these young patients are receiving Orthokeratology treatments. With these treatments I get to witness their vision improve over time, eventually being able to see perfectly with naked eyes This has taught me the importance of beginning vision care at an early age, making the study of youth vision care a particular interest of…show more content…
I started to attend many nutrition classes, gaining valuable knowledge about the correlations between diet and nutrition and various nutrition-related eye conditions. To gain more hands-on experience in this area, I began working at the USDA. Through one of the many research projects I worked on, I was able to determine that children are increasingly more prone to adult diseases affecting general optical health at an earlier age. Research indicates that this is largely due to the overall increase in both sodium and sugar intake, in children, and that nutrition is extremely important in overall eye health.

Through all of these experiences, the most important thing I have learned is that there is so much more to learn. With continued research the science is constantly growing, with more information uncovered all the time. For instance, I recently attended a presentation by an ophthalmologist, Dr. Rosenfarb, about eye disease and acupuncture. I learned how the eyes related to the qi and all of the organs in our bodies. Though the science is still being researched, the implications of oriental medicine and naturopathy on the fields of optometry and ophthalmology have become of particular interest to
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