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When it comes to the topic of picking a career that is best for me, there are many things that must be taken into account. Two dream jobs I've had since I was little have been a stockbroker and an optometrist, and these have stuck with me since. Being a stockbroker would offer me an average of around $71,000 per year and experience for investing my own money. Stockbrokers usually invest either companies or clients money into various companies for a bigger return. Stockbrokers give companies some of their money as an investment in hopes of the company doing well and paying back more than they invested. Being an optometrist would offer me an average of around $113,000 and a college education in the medical field. Optometrists usually inspect…show more content…
To be and practice optometry you need to pass a 4 year bachelor's degree of optometry course. After that you also need to apply for optometry programs to get hands on 4 year experience before you can apply somewhere and work on your own. As stated in the article “Optometrist” by Shelly Field, some high school classes that are needed are biology and chemistry, but calculus and physics are strongly recommended as well. After high school an optometrist gets schooling 8 years in total before they are even given the chance to go get a job and legally practice optometry. A stock broker on the other hand only needs a bachelor's degree in accounting, business, finance or economics to become a stockbroker. This means in total only 4 years of schooling is required. Although a stock broker has no required classes that need to be taken in high school to become one, it is almost a necessity that you take some classes to guide you in college. Some of the strongly recommended classes being accounting, management, investments, marketing and finance. In the end a stockbroker would probably be a better choice as of schooling because I could get out of schooling faster and could start paying off my college…show more content…
What happens at work is a big deal considering the average American spends around 90,360 hours working on the job in their lifetime according to Phil Stott. Shelly Field a retired optometrist says that “most of an optometrists time goes into prescribing contact lenses and eyeglasses” so she gets to move around and meet new people a lot. Shelly made sure to add on that she gets to do a lot of other things as well like examine eyes for diseases and sometimes can spend hours sitting in an office filing paperwork for people. A stock broker on the other hand can be moving around from place to place their entire life. When I personally asked one of my dad's close friends (Brendan Barton) what his life is like being a stockbroker he had a lot to say. “To start off I have never stayed at one place to invest for more than 3 years” stated Brendan, and he made sure to give some examples of the places he has been such as Hong Kong banks all the way to the New York Stock Exchange. Reason being new job opportunities are always opening for more experienced people and always offer more money as well. When it came to work he mentioned how “the work is really the same no matter where you go” and described it as sitting in meetings or an office deciding where to invest a companies or banks money. After reading and studying
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