Optometrist Personal Statement

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Karma is an entity which teaches one to be both humble and generous; I am a strong believer of “what comes around, goes around”. I can confidently say that I lead a comfortable life: I can wish for whatever, act as my heart desires, and go wherever I please. However, there are others who are not granted the same rights as the ones I have: the right to basic health care is one of them.
A considerable amount of people around this world does not have access to basic health care. Poor sanitation, exposure to harmful materials, and disease are just a few of the problems which can lead to the death of billions in this world. Unfortunately, one needs to be wealthy in order to protect oneself from these developing diseases. According to The Health Site, “39 million people are forced into poverty in India” due to the extreme costs of health management. One could infer from this context that medical care is perceived as a luxury in India, not as a necessity; this alone has the power to create a great decline within the nation’s population. However, this can be changed if enough people
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I hope to become an Optometrist because vision is such an essential trait for living things, and allows for them to progress even if the other body parts stop working. I have always been interested in the medical field, and will work endlessly in college to obtain my degrees: a Bachelor’s in Biology, with emphasis in Physiology, along with a Doctorate of Optometry. Afterwards, I hope to build and strengthen my career, gain experience, and travel to a developing nation to aid its citizens. I look forward to commuting to a foreign location alongside a group of doctors, whom all share the same goal as me. With them, I aim to provide free eye examinations, low-vision therapy, and eye-surgery to the needy. These clinics will allow for my group to assist the people who either cannot support the cost of the treatment or dwell in a remote
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