Oracle Cards Vs Tarot

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Oracle cards and Tarot cards are both great. The two can be used (differently) to receive messages from your guides, angels, the Universe, Source, God - whatever you want to call it. The point of divination is for you to see and create the connections in your awareness from the meanings of the cards, and how they relate to everything around you. They act as an incredibly powerful tool when you understand that fundamentally everything is energy. By putting your focus into tarot or oracle cards you create energy through the form of feeling, thought, realization, and understanding. When you pull any card after asking a question, the point is to create a real, practical connection and shift your perspective to see new angles of any given situation. You can even pull cards over and over. While this may seem pointless to…show more content…
One experience I used to have as a kid would be a dissatisfaction with the cards I pulled, so I would pull again and again. Since then, I’ve learned that letting go of the expectations and working with the energy that you draw is a big part of your experience. Once you get the hang of it, Oracle cards are especially fun for guessing specific cards and just having that knowing of which card you’re going to pull. For me – a lot of my experiences with oracle cards felt paranormal rather than mental. Where Tarot cards make me think, and then feel; Oracle cards create a feeling in me first, and then I have the thought pattern. When pulling these cards, a lot of the time I’ll see little flashes or dots of incredibly bright colors that I associate with my chakras. One time about a year ago I frustratingly asked why I couldn’t have more direct contact with ‘higher’ beings. Out of an angel deck I pulled the card “Signs” and looked to my side where my asleep computer flashed a white rectangle on the screen. I immediately felt a freaky energy rush down my spine.
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