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Oracle Products and Services A Brief Overview of the Oracle Product and Service Lines Oracle is one of the premier database and application providers in the Industry. With the support of developers world wide, Oracle offers cutting edge technology in both the public and private sectors. Oracle has taken on many of its partners and today competes with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as:  Computer Associates with the Ingres database  IBM with DB/2 database  Informix with the Informix database  Microsoft with Access and SQL Server database  Software AG with ADABAS  PostgressSQL (free open source database) With all these different competitors, it is sometimes…show more content…
They offer a wide range of supporting services, including one of the largest educational/training businesses in the world, consulting, and full system integration, no matter how small or large the project. As a product set, Oracle can be broken down into five areas:  Oracle 9i database  Oracle 9i Application Server  Internet Development Suite  Data Warehousing and Business Development  Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle 9i (The most current offering) Database is the state of the art in object-relational databases. Voted Editors Choice by PC magazine and the #1 database for Linux by Linux Journal, Oracle9i Database is the most scalable and full-featured database available. Whether driving your web site, packaged applications, data warehouses or OLTP applications, Oracle9i Database is a foundation technology for any professional computing environment (Oracle). In addition to the broad product line offered by Oracle, Oracle Consulting offers services that combine technical leadership and expertise with superior technology to provide a secure, reliable, completely integrated enterprise architecture to power your e-business. Oracle's Technology Consultants can address all your technology and applications needs including security, high availability, integration, enterprise portals and business intelligence (Oracle). Oracle's strong commitment to quality education is probably best
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