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Transcript of the Oracle’s December 9th interview with Senator Bill Cassiy (R- Louisiana) This document is as error free as possible, as it was transcribed from an audio recording. Cassidy “Hey y’all Bill Cassidy here; thank y’all for being on” Tys “Hi Senator Cassidy, I’m Tys Sweeney, Editor of the Blair Oracle at Blair Academy. I have with me—” Cassidy “Which Academy?” Tys “Blair Academy, in New Jersey.” Cassidy “Gotcha, okay.” Tys “I have with me Jamie Phelan, one of our political writers, and Sam Hamway, another of our political writers taking notes for us, and the Head of School just listening in with us. So, I’ll introduce you to Jamie—” Cassidy “Now where is your Academy in New Jersey?” Fortunato “This is Chris Fortunato, the Head of…show more content…
The explicit question: does the Second Amendment have limitations? Yes it does. You obviously cannot buy a bazooka, we cannot buy an automatic weapon. So every now and then Congress will put limits on the Second Amendment, and those have been found okay. But your implicit question is ‘Would those limits have done something which would have prevented some of these mass shootings that we’ve had.’ And the answer to that is clearly no. Chicago has - first let’s not go into mass shooting but shooting in general - Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, and Chicago has one of the highest, per capita, murder incidences in the nation. California has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, and it just was the home of the San Bernardino shootings, among which, those terrorist had pipe bombs. Now are we talking about restricting access to pipes? Of course we’re not. But they were nonetheless able to assemble those weapons necessary. I’ll also point out that Paris has extremely tough gun laws, and yet those who just carried out the Paris massacres were the ones who were still able to circumvent them. As we make an allusion to France, there is a line in The Count of Monte Cristo, and in The Count of Monte Cristo some character says something along the lines of ‘The Government has just confiscated all the firearms’ at which point the Count of Monte Cristo responds…show more content…
And it’s been well received, and praised, as serious alternative legislation; but elected representatives don’t propose things in a vacuum, elected representatives propose things that their constituents ask to be proposed. The American people continue to be extremely upset about Obamacare. There’s an article today - it may have been New York Times, may have been Wall Street Journal or Washington Post, but you could easily Google and find it - in which they speak about how the penalties for not having policy are about to be instituted, and if a person does not purchase a policy under the individual mandate, they’re about to be fined $900 per year. The article points out it’s extremely unpopular. Now, the American people want that portion of Obamacare repealed. The Cadillac Tax has been in the news; unions bargained in the past to have more generous healthcare benefits, and in their bargaining they gave up income in exchange for richer insurance policies. Obamacare taxes those middle class workers who give up income to have more generous insurance benefits. Obamacare taxes them with the so called ‘Cadillac Tax.’ Now, those workers want that portion of Obamacare repealed. So when these bills come up, to do this or that about Obamacare, it is a response to the American people’s anger about how the law in being implemented. Now, another part of your question, implicitly, was should Republicans have
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