Oral And Non Developmental Patterns

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What is the evidence for cochlear implantation affecting speech sound productions in pre-lingually deafened children?

CD 732: Speech Sound Disorders in Children
December 1, 2014

Heather Friedman

Peer Reviewer 1: Arielle Russell
Peer Reviewer 2: Ayelet Kershenbaum


Flipsen Jr, P., & Parker, R. G. (2008). Phonological patterns in the conversational speech of children with cochlear implants. Journal of Communication Disorders, 41(4), 337-357.

Purpose: To analyze phonological patterns in conversational speech of children with cochlear implants to determine the prevalence of developmental and non-developmental patterns.
Methods: Conversational speech samples of six children who were pre-lingually deaf and implanted with a cochlear implant by age 3 and at least 18 months prior to the start of the study were obtained every three months for 12 to 21 months. A graduate student clinician elicited the conversational speech sample. One author counted number of number of intelligible words. The samples were transcribed by a trained graduate student clinician.
Results: Developmental and non-developmental phonological patterns were observed in the samples. Developmental patterns occurred more frequently. About 33% of samples included patterns that were developmentally delayed. The patterns decreased over time and there were individual variations.
Clinical Implications: Cochlear implants might be a practical method for improved speech…
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