Oral And Non Developmental Patterns

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What is the evidence for cochlear implantation affecting speech sound productions in pre-lingually deafened children? CD 732: Speech Sound Disorders in Children December 1, 2014 Heather Friedman Peer Reviewer 1: Arielle Russell Peer Reviewer 2: Ayelet Kershenbaum ABSTRACTS Flipsen Jr, P., & Parker, R. G. (2008). Phonological patterns in the conversational speech of children with cochlear implants. Journal of Communication Disorders, 41(4), 337-357. Purpose: To analyze phonological patterns in conversational speech of children with cochlear implants to determine the prevalence of developmental and non-developmental patterns. Methods: Conversational speech samples of six children who were pre-lingually…show more content…
Word Count: 146 Tomblin, J. B., Peng, S. C., Spencer, L. J., & Lu, N. (2008). Long-term trajectories of the development of speech sound production in pediatric cochlear implant recipients. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 51(5), 1353-1368. Purpose: To study the long term development of speech sounds in children with cochlear implants and to determine if there was a time at which this development reaches a point of little or no change. Methods: Spontaneous speech samples were collected from twenty seven children who had been using a cochlear implant for at least 8 years and had at least two speech samples available from previous evaluations. The samples were glossed for intended words and the first 100 words were transcribed phonetically. Results: There was a consistent increase in accuracy of speech sound production from implantation to 4-6 years post-implantation in contrast to the relative plateau seen 6-10 years postimplantation. Clinical Implications: At 4 years post-implantation, a good prognosis can be formed about speech sound production later in life. It is vital that a child’s development of speech sounds is facilitated during the first 6 years post-implantation. Word Count: 148 Warner-Czyz, A. D., Davis, B. L., & MacNeilage, P. F. (2010). Accuracy of consonant–vowel syllables in young cochlear implant recipients and hearing children in the single-word period. Journal of Speech,
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