Oral B: Entry in Toothpaste Market (Comparative Analysis)

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Oral care industry in India has evolved from being just a purview of local homemade beneficial powders to attractive, cost-effective and user friendly gels neatly packed in a tube which can be easily applied on a Tooth brush. The use of tooth paste in India can be traced back to the year 1975. Nowadays, people are much more aware of oral hygiene which has led to a phenomenal growth in the Oral care Industry. But still, rural penetration is quite low as people there are still comfortable with the conventional methods of oral care. Due to this low per capita consumption, rural markets offer great opportunities for penetration. Rising per capita income of people and increasing awareness through advertisements, print media,
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ii) Increase in oral hygiene – Gum sensitivity and oral hygiene problems have engulfed more than 30% of India’s population.
Our project aims at discussing the market entry strategy of Proctor and Gamble’s new product Oral B Pro-Health. Besides, we wish to do a comparative analysis of different competitors: their market share, retail outlets and strategies to penetrate the oral care market. We would also discuss the SWOT Analysis of oral care market and Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis of entry in to the oral care market in India. After discussing these salient features, we would give our recommendations for the entry of P&G in to the Indian oral care market.

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The objectives of the study would be multi-fold. It involves an analysis of Indian oral care market, analysing various competitors with respect to their market shares and their vast outreach and thereby evaluating the market strategy of Proctor & Gamble’s new product Oral B Pro-Health. With India’s toothpaste consumption levels half that in China, Indian market possesses innumerable opportunities for players like P&G to enter in to the toothpaste market. The study also aims to forecast the future of Indian oral care industry with respect to changing consumption trends and rising per capita income in rural and urban households.


To understand the viability of entry of ORAL –B in toothpaste market we must

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