Oral Cancer Analysis Using Tongue Image Essay

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Here, the Fig 3(b) Patient with Oral Cancer. Diseases caused by excessive use of tobacco and alcohol consumption leads to the difference in tongue color. Thus tongue can be characterized with different assesses. More detailed study on the causes of the cancer can be done in the ref([7],[9]). The common assessments of the tongue can be detailed as follows Fig 2: Tongue with different shape characteristics Width: A wide tongue on the whole shows a composed physical and mental character. A lack of physical flexibility with noticeable strengths and weaknesses is depicted by the narrowness of a tongue. They may be very sharp thinkers but usually have a narrow view or opinion. A generally loose and expanded physical…show more content…
Blue or purple color suggests the stagnation of blood circulation and a grave fading of the part of the digestive system that is connected to the zone of the tongue. Internal conditions can be understood by analyzing the color on the underneath of the tongue. As a summary, the colors and surplus of a white patch or a red patch on the soft tongue tissues designates a fading of the immune capacity of the blood vessels and shows that the patient is suffering from oral cancer. More detailed study about the characteristics can be done in ref[8]. Fig 3:(a)Normal Tongue, (b) Diseased Tongue Image Segmentation The usual technique is to find points on the floor of the target image, which is used as the base of image, and then to give an initial two-dimensional curve and make it astringe to the edge of the target according to dynamics mechanism. This approach is appropriate when the general form of the target is fixed. But human tongue is not always flat when it is extended out of the mouth. There will be some variations in the forms and therefore it is not suitable for this algorithm. We adopt the component H (Hue) and V (Value) of HSV space to decide the initial position of tongue. Then level set algorithm technique is implemented to obtain the better segmentation results. Fig 4:Region of interest to diagnose the
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