Oral Cancer and Hpv Speech Outline

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I. While we are in class today, 6 people will die from oral cancer. Three out of the four are men between the ages of 25 and 55. Before being diagnosed, these individuals probable ate a good diet and exercised regularly. Most did not use tobacco products and seldom drank alcohol.

II. Oral cancers have been on the rise over the last decade with the amount of cases doubling in the United States alone. It has catapulted oral cancer from 11th on the overall number of cancer cases to number 5. Smoking and drinking have always been the primary causative agents in oral cancers.

III. You may be thinking to yourselves, I don’t drink or smoke so why does this matter to me? That was my thought when my
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The virus attaches itself to any available warm and moist area and can begin multiplying or lie dormant b. A person can test positive for HPV but be asymptomatic. C. The virus is transmitted through oral or genital sex or even by French kissing. a. The rise in oral cancer cases is being described as a pandemic in young adults

(TRANSITION: So what does all this information mean to you and me?

III. The rise in the number of cases of oral cancer are being diagnosed in young adults and can are directly related to lifestyle choices. A. Oral sex is the primary means of transmission of the virus a. Teenagers and young adults view oral sex as safe sex b. It is viewed as way to prevent pregnancy and is thought to have a lesser chance of the spread of STD’s B. The number of partners in a lifetime raises your chances of developing oral cancer a. 1-5 partners doubles the chances of contracting oral cancer b. 6-25 partners increases risk 250% c. 26 or more partners increases risk 750% C. The demographic of oral cancer today a. 3 in 4 cases is diagnosed in men between ages 22-55 b. Most have never smoked and do not abuse alcohol. c. They have healthy diets and exercise d. Most are unaware of the dangers

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