Oral Health Among Korean Older Adults

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Title: Using CBPR Methods to Address Oral Health among Korean Older Adults

1. Significance:

The proposed research, which uses Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) methods, builds on Dr. Ahluwalia’s existing work with homebound older adults, which seeks to inform oral health policy for New York City home delivered meal recipients in New York City (NYC). The proposed research will focus on working with the Korean community in NYC to understand oral health needs among Korean older adults, and to use the data collected to inform the development of oral health-related interventions for this population.
A recent review of the oral health literature indicates that there are few studies that document oral health needs among Koreans in
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Therefore, the goal of this project is to use CBPR methods to collaborate with partners in the Korean community to address oral health among a particularly vulnerable subset of the Korean community – older adults who may have significant medical, cognitive and functional co-morbidities, and who may find it difficult to navigate the oral and health care systems due to challenges associated with language, transportation and culture. By working with KCS, we hope to improve the visibility of oral health in the Korean community, and to leverage the potential of the collaboration to address oral health in other Korean groups e.g. children and family. CBPR methods are an effective way to achieve this goal because they require working closely with KCS, the community partner, and seek to enhance the capacity of the community, thus enhancing the potential sustainability of future intervention programs. The proposed research can potentially impact approximately 5000 Korean seniors through KCS.
The proposed research builds on Dr. Kavita Ahluwalia’s continuing CBPR project titled 'Oral health and nutrition in NYC HDM recipients '. I have been working with Dr.Ahluwalia on this project for the past year. I want to extend and apply what I have
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