Oral Health And Your Overall Health

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Your oral health and your overall health Did you know your oral health can actually provide big clues about your health overall? Were you also aware that issues within your mouth could affect the rest of your body too? Understanding the intimate connection between your oral health and your overall health can help you hugely. If you aren’t aware of the links between your overall wellbeing and oral health however, then you may never be able to see the small clues that your mouth is telling you about the rest of your body. Joanne Maglares, now 50 years of age, had visited her dentist because of a broken tooth that had been a result of chewing on ice however she had no idea that her overall health was to be an issue. She was a teacher at a New York City school and a mother of four children. Her life was filled with work and family and as a result she’d ignored her own health for too long. Her dentist however took one look at her mouth and noticed a number of other tooth fractures as well as rapidly advancing gum disease. With the picture presented in front of them, they immediately decided there were underlying health issues. Maria Emanuel Ryan, a Professor of Oral Biology and Pathology at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine urged her to see her primary care doctor in order to solve the problem. As a result, Maglares was diagnosed with andtreated for high blood pressure along with anemia. Five months later she suffered a heart attack. Researchers are now
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