Oral Health Education Case Study Essay

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Case study one
Source of the patient referral
Patient was referred to me from the dentist.
Medical problem
Presented was a 62 year old female, patient is an asthmatic and has bronchitis.
Social circumstances
She previously smoked 70 per week, but has since cut this down to 3 per day, due to cost and health issues The patient doesn’t drink alcohol. The patient has a relatively healthy diet.
Patients presenting problem
The patient has a four unit bridge on her upper anteriors, she has ten missing teeth and others which are heavily filled. The patient requires no other treatment other than three visit perio appointments
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The patient was brushing twice a day already using a scrub technique, however she had bleeding on brushing and was not brushing all areas of her mouth.( see appendix
1 of perio chart)

The patient was keen to get her oral hygiene up to a good standard and prevent any more bleeding.
The patient had admitted to in the past only brushing once per day and not for the required time.
Teaching methods
The teaching methods I used were: Demonstration via model and mirror. I used this method as I thought the patient would be more likely to remember what I had shown her, she would be able to see clearly and she could repeat what I had shown her on the model, I would also be able to see better when the patient repeated the demonstration and would be able to see if she made any errors and could help her put these right.
Talk - I thought this method would help the patient understand better the process and the causes of periodontal disease ( I talked to the patient when showing her a poster ) She would also be able to ask questions on the matter so I could see if she fully
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