Oral Health Promotion For Health

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Oral Health Promotion Healthy People initiatives are compilations of health topics and interventions for healthcare professionals to promote and improve quality of health nationally. These initiatives are science based and expand throughout 10 years. Healthy People 2020 is the current initiative and was initiated in December of 2010. This paper will discuss oral health promotion. Healthy People Objective The human body is intrinsically designed with its own system of checks and balances. Included in that system are good bacteria that protect against harmful bacteria. This good bacteria colonizes the skin, mouth, and entire gastrointestinal system, but can be detrimental if it crosses over to different body systems. The mouth may be the most colonized area of the body. With good oral health detrimental effects do not normally occur, but many Americans do not have good oral health. According to the American Dental Association, your mouth is the window to your overall health (Oral Health, n.d.). Healthy People 2020 emphasis oral health in objective OH- 14. This objective is to increase the proportion of adults who receive preventive interventions in dental offices (Beall, 2011, p.15). This objective also includes three subcomponents of which two will be discussed. According to the American Dental Association’s Health Policy, the number of adults receiving dental services have declined from its peak of 41 percent in 2003 to 37 percent in 2010 (Oral Health, n.d.).

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