Oral Health System in Saudi Arabia

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I. GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located in the Southwest of the continent of Asia, with approximately 29.196 million people as explained by the world population statistics in 2013 (1). The percentage of the population over 60 years olds is expected to rise by 7% by the 2020 (2). A proper understanding of the structure and infrastructure of the oral healthcare system in Saudi Arabia is substantial in order to improve the existing oral health policies and the outcomes in the country. Certainly, Saudi Arabia had shown a remarkable improvement in its overall health indicators including life expectancy at birth, infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate, immunization level and infectious disease (3). The…show more content…
Furthermore, there are about 220 general and specialist hospitals to deliver advanced treatment to the population (3). According to the current statistics presented by the MOH in 2014, the total number of dentists who registered for the MOH estimated to be 10,150 dentists. According to the latest disclosure by Dr. Al-Obaida’a on one of the local journals in Saudi Arabia (Al-Riyadh, April 22, 2014) that the ratio of dentists to population estimated to be one dentist for 7,690 individuals comparing to what recommended nationally that should one dentist to 1,700 individuals (6). SDS is one of the main active organizations in dentistry in Saudi Arabia. Its aims are to encourage scientific researches in oral health, encourage dentists to publish their finding, organize the weekly scientific seminars and international meetings, and distribute awareness through campaigns (6). In the same way, other governmental bodies delivered free dental services to those people who belong them. To illustrate that, the National Guard offers comprehensively medical and dental treatment with drugs supply to their employees and their dependents (4). Likewise, the Armed Forces, the Interior Security Forces and The Saudi Intelligence Agency have provided their health services (4). The university hospitals of the Ministry of Higher Education serve all Saudis with no restriction, and
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