Oral Healthcare Practitioners As A Part Of The Health Care Team

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Oral healthcare practitioners function as a part of the health care team and have the statutory obligation to abide by several acts and codes of practice at all times. In New Zealand, these include The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumer’s Rights Regulation 1996 and The Privacy Act which were developed to protect the benefits of patients who seek dental care from their respective oral health practitioners. The Code of Rights functions as regulation under The Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994 to facilitate a fair and consistent standard of practice throughout the sector.(Stent 1999) According to the Act, all consumers of health and disability services are entitled to ten basic rights outlined by The Code which focus on the quality of services in health and disability sector.(Stent 1999) In dentistry, the principles of the Codes of rights is seen to be parallel to The Standard Framework for Oral Health Practitioners set by the New Zealand Dental Council which outlines the ethical principles, professional and practice standards to be observed by all oral health practitioners in New Zealand.(Dental Council 2014) The Privacy Act 1993 on the other hand, contains twelve main principles that focus on the handling of personal information of consumers. From the Privacy Act, the Health Information Privacy Codes 1994 were created where one or more of the privacy principles were modified specifically for health sector agencies in managing patients’ health…

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