Oral History Of Oral History Rough Draft

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Oral History Rough Draft

(After beginning the interview and gathering information I decided to switch up my questions, and narrow them down to be more specific to her personally from what I had in my oral proposal)

Interviewee: Barbara Gaston
Barbara Gaston was an old family/friend, who I didn’t have much history on. She grew up in Cincinnati, OH. She married at age 23 and defined herself primarily as a wife and mother for the next 20 years. She was a young mother and wife, which was not untypical during this time. She was the first born of four children, and later lived in a blended household. Her father worked in copper mines, logging, and road construction. While her mother on the other hand was a stay at home mom who took care of the children and did housekeeping. They lived on what her father earned, as credit was not yet established as a way to obtain personal object and things. She explained that if a woman were to work outside of the home at this time in history, they would have held traditional gender roles such as a school teacher, nurse or secretary. She came from a traditional religious background, as religious beliefs held their own expectations of being a woman, and how a woman ought to be, including sexuality. Her grandmother was also a stay at home mother, choosing not to go into the workforce.
Barbara Gaston describes her childhood in the late 1940s as a poor family who lived off of a strict cash budget in Akron, OH. She described her life as a
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