Oral Interview With Vanna Moore Essay

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On September of 2016, I did an oral interview with Vanna Moore about her military past and Vanna’s ties to Texas. Over the whole interview I asked her questions about her experience in Afghanistan and along the way I asked her questions about Texas. To the best of my knowledge Vanna answered “who are these people, these Texans”, what do Texans tell us about America, and what she thought of Texas. We talked about how her military experience shaped her conceptions of Texas. In a setting such as this one and her experiences combined she had moments where she seemed more comfortable and opened, and other moments that were difficult to get through. After this oral interview experience I feel as though I know how I could use oral histories in my classroom. During the beginning of the interview I asked Vanna “What do you think the difference is between West Texas and Texas from other regions of the state?” Her answer consisted of a lot of “umms”, but I think she answers the question “Who are these people, these Texans” in this statement “So, it’s kinda like our own little world. And. But the people, the people I don’t know. I guess it’s. The people are like, are more like small town people, there umm. I guess more like hospitable.” Vanna describes West Texans as being hospitable and having small town behavior. I should not have to explain small town behavior, because Hollywood has done a wonderful job at giving us a “great” idea of what small town people act like. Also, in the

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