Oral Piercings And Its Effects

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Oral piercings have become more and more popular among the past couple of decades, especially with younger groups of people.1 They get these piercings because they think it will make them more popular in their social groups or because they think it looks good to get their tongue or lip pierced.2 Years ago, people got piercings because of their certain religious practices or different ethnic groups, but today oral piercings are becoming increasingly popular with the general population regardless of their cultural beliefs.3 The most common places to get piercings in the mouth are the tongue and the lips.4 Over the years, though, the tongue has become very popular.3 With piercings becoming more prevalent, research is finding that there and many complications and risk factors involved. One of the risk factors from getting an oral piercing is infective endocarditis. This is especially significant for someone who has heart disease because he is more prone to getting infections.5 Furthermore, Oral piercings are not to be considered a simple procedure that can be done by anyone, they should actually be considered a surgery that is to be done by professionals because of the complications that can arise from them.6 Some of the early complications from getting oral piercings include pain, swelling of the piercing site, bleeding, and infections.7 Following, late complications consist of localized periodontitis, irreversible gingival recession, fractured or chipped teeth, and difficulty
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