Orange County

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Orange County was once known as the most conservative counties in California. Since Orange County revolves around the Republican lifestyle the county is also known for their beliefs in being a high society county. As the years have gone by, the older white people that considered themselves Republican are dying off. A new generation of young voters are growing and taking a different political stand, therefore, the increase of people choosing no party preference is taking over Orange County. In the article, “GOP Registration Hits Record Low in Orange County” by Jon Fleischman states, “Actually, both of the state’s major political parties have seen a significant drop in registration, with a huge increase in the number of California voters who…show more content…
About this unsettling trend, Jon Fleischman wrote for Breitbart CA: In Orange County, long considered one of the few bastions of conservatism in California, voter registration trends have been decidedly poor for the Republican Party, with GOP registration dropping below 40% of registered voters for the first time ever. Now it's time to put a face of constructive criticism on this outcome. "Decidedly poor" does not mean "destined to be poor". I am still at a loss as to the goals of editors on key conservative news sites. Do bloggers want to describe the slow decline of the state? Are they interested in awakening readers with growing alarm about these disturbing trends? Fleischman reminds readers of solid wins in Orange County, notwithstanding the registration issues: This drop in GOP registration has not yet translated to losses in partisan offices in Orange County, nor has it impacted the all-Republican Board of Supervisors. But if these trends continue, it is only a matter of time before more Democrats start to win election to office in this famously Republican
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