Orange Is The New Black Analysis

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The Famous known Netflix Series “Orange is the new Black” is a woman based show that encourages woman brilliance and exemplifies the struggle of How woman are perceived in different aspects of society while it views the daily struggles of men on a day to day basis and has them create a status of their own; although their status differ so greatly they are still dependent on each other. Orange is the new black is a show that basis women's views from a prison who are not terrible people however they ended up doing something if not for themselves but for someone else that gets them in trouble with the law. Necessarily wasn't the best idea or the right thing to do. The women are viewed as being strong or weak emotionally independent, dependent.…show more content…
In the show, orange is the new black the men are treated almost like children however still viewed as the leaders. The men in the show one of which was turned into a woman is set on a pedestal and is the gender who often comes out on top in any situation being in jail being the guard or being the boss. Examples from the show state that although the officer / prison guard is wrong because of their mail status they are corrected very mildly and the female who was not incorrect is wrong and should be harshly punished. the men in orange is the new black from both the prison view and from the outside view there's always that ignorant and arrogant one pretends to be a little bit messy sloppy and just plain rude, then there's the sweet one who's kind kind of judgmental very opinionated yet shy the same time. The show orange is the new black is written so that people who watch it are to perceive that women…show more content…
I do believe that the text is attempting to find appropriate gender roles for both sexes. from watching the show I as well as many other people believe that the gender roles for both sexes are being redefined almost completely opposite to wear eyes both the female and the male or equivalent. In the show once you get deeper into it it doesn't for me when it does infer that both men and women are evil yet some are kind. Even the kind ones have an evil side to getting what they want I believe the whole concept of the orange is the new black has each character's fate destined before we even know the ending just from the characters behavior it does show that the outcome of the characters fate is influenced by the opposite gender or even the same gender. The audience is pretty convinced the series orange is the new black message is that happiness comes and goes as it pleases to each individual. And success only comes with a lot of failure. Social status in orange is the new black is an unlikely denominator that is only applied when someone needs to be blamed the social status of the inmates and the guards and even the bosses in the show have a higher person in charge that
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