Orange Is The New Black

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Shaylah Henchon Orange Is The New Black October In the book "Orange is the New Black" by Piper Kerman, Piper plays the main character. At the beginning of the story Piper is at the Brussel airport waiting for her baggage. She was very worried that someone was going to catch her smuggling $10,000 of drug money into the country for her girlfriend, Nora. She started to help Nora deal drugs and wire money. Piper was at the Brussels airport when she realized she was just being used to help wire money. She decided to move to California and put her criminal life behind her. Piper met a guy named Larry who she always hung out with, and she started to develop feelings for him, and eventually dated him. Larry and Piper moved to New York together. Everything was going great, until a couple officers showed up at their house telling Piper that she had to go to court for illegal drug smuggling and money laundering. She had kept her past from Larry and her family before, but now she had no choice but to tell them. Piper hires a lawyer. She pleaded guilty so she wouldn 't have a maximum sentence. It was five years before she went to federal prison. She was sentenced to 15 months. Larry takes Piper to Danbury, Connecticut where the prison is located. Piper and Larry said goodbye. She had received letters and books in the mail to keep herself entertained while she wasn 't doing her assignments or visiting. She got moved to B dorm with Natalie. On February 17th she was allowed to apply
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