Oratorio Music Vs Christian Music

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Throughout the ages, music has been very important to religion. Ever since the middle ages, the religious music told a story of a biblical event. The current day Christian music tells a story about life and how Jesus Christ can fix the problem because he is all powerful. Oratorio is one example of older religion music. The current type of religious music is called Contemporary Christian music. There are a lot of different genres between these two. Oratorio and Contemporary music differ greatly; however, they both speak about the perfect Jesus Christ.
Oratorio music was very sacred music in its time. Oratorio originated in the baroque ere. They were also very large scale according to Wayne Bailey, the writer of In Performance (169). They were
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Handel’s oratorio, Messiah, is one of his most well- known works. A part of this oratorio is called Hallelujah Chorus and the music repeats itself a lot. If there is only one word in that section, that one word is repeated a lot. If there is a phrase in that section, then that phrase will be repeated at least two times. The overall story of this song is how Jesus will reign forever. The main line said in this song is hallelujah. On the other hand, each contemporary music piece is very different. Meridith Andrew’s song, “You’re Not Alone,” talks about how when people go through hard times, Jesus Christ is still there. Only the chorus of this song repeats. Two of the main lines in this song is, “You are not alone because I am here” and “I am the one who has loved you all your life.” Francesca Battistelli wrote the song “Free to be me.” She relates to people throughout the whole song by talking about how she has dents in her fender and rips in her jeans. She uses these to talk about how she is not perfect, but that God loves her for who she is. One of the main lines in this song is “perfection is my enemy.” The band called Sidewalk Prophets wrote the song “You Love Me Anyways.” This song talks about how we make mistakes, but God still loves us through it all. They have many examples of things we do wrong in life, but the one that stood out in the song was “I am the nail in your wrist, but you love me anyways.” Casting Crowns is a well- known contemporary Christian band. One of their songs is “American Dream.” This song talks about how people are starting to put work and money above family and God. The theme of this song is that trying to live the American dream and trying to be the best does not only push God away from you and your family, it pushes your family away as well. The end of the song shows that the dad did

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